Sunday, February 10, 2002

The shortest 3minutes in my whole life (at this point)

Hi, there!
Are those eyes broadly awake?
Or are they worn-out?
At the pick of it's tiredness the pupil turned big as described?(Whoever that is, who is not checking this site you may right away rest those shabby eyes??)

This is a surprise judgement of your such knowledge on World Economy!

The Annual World Economic Forum which used to take place in Switzerland was changed hurriedly in New York because of the last year's September 11 terrorists attacked. The open ceremony held on Jan. 31st was produced by Quincy Jones and Phil Ramone and attended by various musicians gathered from around the world to perform. Very tense and red alert atmosphere due to the presence of each country's political and economic leaders were forgotten for a while. Herbie Hancock, Laurin Hill, Bono of U2, Peter Gabrielle, and so forth... Among these luxurious members, there is only one small Japanese girl.
Therefore question! (chime rings!) Who is that Japanese artist!

So... have you guess? Actually last Jan. 31st in New York, was the sixth month since Utada Hikaru last made a sneak public live performance. It was a political event although for some thought that this is a sort of economic information that's why I made the title Your such Knowledge on World Economy.

4 days before the ceremony, first time I met Sir Quincy Jones(first class gentleman), the cover song which I did "Fly me to the Moon" as we talk, he, back then did it with Frank Sinatra, and so subsequently "Fly me to the Moon" was decided right away. Cramming as it was and virtually without rehearsal, it was the show proper already, I found myself on the stage, while the piano was being played Herbie Hancock passed through before me as he exit the stage, I held the mic, I started to sing 'till I'm done, I tried not to stumble as I walk out the stage, Quincy and I got a quick hug and then I got home! Waaaaaaah! It was fast! But truly a real sensation!

Even though this was a very urgent project, no person would refuse a glaring invitation such as this!! Staring at the member's list who would appear, realizing that listening to this forum's particulars is very important and the significance of taking part in it. For everyone who are living in Earth, what are the things to consider in order to have a better world and for this reason, from now on world economic top leaders will calculate, meet at the same place and confront the present problems, give solutions by seeking clues, sharing ideas and raising new issues. Every year at the place venue surroundings, demonstrators carry out rallies and it seems to end up having casualties, the new terrorists target, New York, held it this year. Preparations for possible dangers were strictly observed same thing for the members who would appear in the forum. That kind of tension were ease a little, the eve of sensitive talks loosen up as the streangth of music was used, live show was held.

Everyone who are also have complaint in the world, who doesn't have satisfaction, who have doubts? Finally (but as for me is there anything that I can do?) you can raise the question of what's next is unlikely? Maybe you lack of your own ideas? Or is it the environment vicious circle? If this is the case, something huge should be done otherwise this won't mean anything, and awakening one's self is probably the thing to do. Me, at this time from that direction a chance cornered me, that's why later on I'll just drive! Scheduled relationship was one week, Tokyo and New York was 2 laps, it was a very hard work to manage, so it's really a massive week!

"How come there's no available information before hand!", You may be asking this, but it was a very strict surveillance up to the changes of every appearances of the guests, even the people who are present wasn't able to announce it. I'm sorry. The center of New York was perfectly shut out, the secret service security system also made it hard and almost impossible for me to enter the meeting place. Next day at the airport I had this feeling that the check was so slight!(smile) Ahhhhhhh! Does the news show the image on air?? [I want to see the image too!], you may be saying this, well it's me who has got to see it! That marvelous stage, I need a confirmation that everything was not just a a dream! (lol)

Really that 3 minutes was just like a wink. I haven't been able to enjoy that happy time to the fullest.
But anyway I'll make it an inverse proportion in which made this message longer! (lol)

credits to Yam @ HikkiCentral who originally translated this message.