Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Oh my, my eyes . . .

Yesterday? No, that was the day before yesterday, right? I dropped in at the Prime Minister's official residence and attended a reception for President Bush before I went to the studio - !
Wow - that's great!
Since I started working from early in the morning today I finished it earlier than usual and now I'm ready to write the report about the PM's official residence, facing my computer . . . but . . . my eyes!! My eyes hurt so bad!!
It's because, today I did some shootings in the super-glaring direct sunlight and unbelievably-bright lights. It was so dazzling!! I could hardly manage to bear it, worrying my makeup might be smudged 'cause I couldn't help shedding tears when trying to open my eyes normally! Thanks to those lights I can hardly look at the monitor now, aaaaaaghhh I can't stand it any longer - !!! Will I be able to write tomorrow??

Hmm what an ironic coincidence it was, to have got my eyes hurt by the "light(=hikari)" . . . (lol)