Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things I'm hooked on

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I downloaded a ke-tai appli game for the first time in my life, and now I'm so much into it.

The appli is called "Furai no Shiren EZ" !

It's an AU appli, and I wonder if this game is available on the other company's ke-tai.

I play Furai no Shiren also on my secondhand Su-fami, and it seems like the appli version's got slightly different, simpler contents, which still keeps its good taste and gets me hooked on it.

I'm gettin' used to its operation by ke-tai as well!

But you know what, if you hit "OFF" key instead of "3" key just below it by mistake that leads you to finish the game, when you're going deeper and deeper with some super-enhanced weapon in your hand thinking "I may be able to complete the game . . . ! " . . . such a moment like that really makes you almost weep. You know, you have the pretty rare chance to get Ryuujin no Tate (Legendary Dragon Shield) . . . (T o T)

By the way, I changed my ke-tai to an AU one about a year and half ago, and there's this one thing that's been bothering me since then.

It's about the rainbow, of the pictograms.

The colors are in the opposite order.

Rainbows have "red," which has a longest wavelength, on the most outside position, and "violet" on the most inside, you know.

But as for the rainbow of AU pictograms, the colors are in the opposite order. It's got violet on the outside and red on the inside.

Is this just a mistake?

Or could it be that the designer person is a super rainbow maniac and intentionally drew not a normal rainbow but "secondary rainbow" . . . ? !

Do you know secondary rainbows? The "secondary rainbow" always comes with the rainbow, but seems like it's visible to the naked eye only under the very good condition. It's the slightly larger rainbow that's seen outside the normal rainbow, and its colors are in the opposite order.

So that means, the AU pictogram one is the secondary rainbow . . . !

Maybe It would be just a mistake . . . (lol) I guess, but I wonder why they made such a mistake like this.

Or could it be possible that the rainbow maniac does exist . . . ?

Or could it be that they just wanted to put some differences between their pictograms and other company's . . . ? ? ?