Thursday, October 18, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Are you serious!

I heard from Softbank users that their ke-tai's also got the "secondary rainbow" pictogram!

Not only AU but also Softbank aligned the rainbow color in the opposite order . . . !

(Wonder if DoCoMo ones have a rainbow pictogram?)

Why! How come!

Could it be some kind of conspiracy?

Well enough about that, what made me so surprised was that there were a bunch of people telling me "I didn't know there exists the order of rainbow colors"!

Maybe most of the people have forgotten it though they learned it at school, I guess?
So does that mean those guys have also forgotten the reason why the sunset looks red? Haven't they wondered and checked about it? (Put simply, when the sun recedes from view, its red color that has a long wavelength reaches more to your eyes, and its blue-ish colors that have a shorter wavelength diffuses, which means the colors on the outside of rainbows can reach further, is that about it?)

You've gotta remember the name "Roy G. Biv" when you learn things about rainbows in English-speaking countries.

It's a fictional name, though.


This way, the name comes from the initial letters of rainbow colors in order.

Wow, this really takes me back, I mean until this very moment I'd completely forgotten about Roy G. Biv (lol)

Wonder if there's something like this in Japan?

I mean . . .

Could it be that the story, that if you go to the end of the rainbow you'll find a pot full of gold coins, doesn't exist in Japan ? ? ?