Thursday, October 18, 2007

Over The Rainbow

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I learned that DoCoMo ones don't have a pictogram of rainbow. Well, you won't have much trouble without it I guess (lol)

Seems like a lot of countries have the story of the pot full of gold coins at the end of the rainbow!

I heard the actual rainbow looks round from up, so "the end of the rainbow" doesn't exist, but still I kinda like it very much as an idea. I guess the people in the past would've imagined various things, thinking what there would be at the end of the rainbow.

By the way, in Japanese schools I heard you learn seven colors of the rainbow as "赤橙黄緑青藍紫" "Seki Tou Ou Ryoku Sei Ran Shi."

A mysterious spell (lol)

According to the mail I received from the person who's studying the difference of education between Japan and America, it seems like America is walking a little ahead of Japan in the field of science and physics.

Which I never thought!

It's well known that Japan is going ahead of America in the field of like maths, though.

Oh, and you know, I also remembered this when reading emails: in my fave manga called "Inachū takkyū-bu," a guy named Maeda says "When seven bald guys happen to be one same place, each of them emits one color from their head and the law requires them not to move for a while. That makes the rainbow." (lol)

This is why I really love Inachū (lol)

My LOVE to Inachū !