Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ori Radi and Rage

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

You know, Fujimori Shingo san of Oriental Radio (the guy who looks hot in glasses) has got a characteristic voice, huh?

A little anime-ish, unique voice . . . easy to be remembered, isn't it? Especially when he uses a high-tone, stretched voice in their show.

I have a feeling that voice reminds me of something . . .

Or it might just be me . . .

This has always been in my mind.

And you know what ! ! !

I was just listening to "Guerilla Radio," a smash hit tune in 90's by Rage Against The Machine, for the first time in ages . . .

Yes ! ! This is it! This is Fujimori Shingo san's voice ! ! ! !

(*gets excited like crazy*)

Most part of the song is shouting, which's kinda between rap and song, and the most catchy part goes like:

Lights out! Guerilla Radio~*

This part of shouting "Radio~!" totally reminds me of Fujimori Shingo san ! ! !

I'm pretty sure of it! It really reminds me of him! OMGOMG! I'm getting to feel some kinda pleasure of discovery! I got so much endorphin in my brain! Got so much alpha waves too!

People who don't have this song could listen to it by using iTunes' listening service - I thought so and tried it, and you know what, the song fades out just 2 or so seconds before the Radio~! part(lol) How come they cut it here (lol)

I thought I had heard the voice before for sure, and now I learned it was this part of this song~.

Hmm~, didn't imagine it would be Rage's.

And both groups are linked to "Radio" thing, aren't they?!

Wow this is great~. So impressive~.