Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Small happiness

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Hmm let's see, where's my uchiwa, my uchiwa . . . where did I leave the new one . . .

Ah, there it is


Hmm, it's like I don't get much breeze from it

Oh I just found this is the uchiwa of Arashi's concert merchandise

I mean, let me say

This is so tiny
(I got more things I wanna point out in it, actually)

It's so small in area to give you enough breeze! (lol) You'll get much less rewards than your exercise volume! (lol)

Last Sunday I went to see Arashi's live performance in Tokyo Dome, got a bag that contained some of their goods, and one of them was this small uchiwa*

This is the uchiwa with the photoprint of Sakurai-kun who invited me to their show . . . !

I got a little surprised at first when it came out of the bag, but soon got excited like "OMG! So this is the famous one I keep hearing about . . . !"!! This is the one you always remember when you talk about Johnny's live performances!

Later that day I talked to him, and learned that there was actually a bigger one, and he spent a lot of time to decide which size one to put in the bags for guests, and chose the smaller one 'cause he thought the people might find it hard to throw it away since it got a face portrait on. What an attentive man(lol) Sakurai-kun, you're such a nice guy(lol)

"Oh my! I will use it for sure~!" I promised him, so I flapped it in my "usual" style after taking a bath today . . . but it's like, it gives me a feeling of guilty to use it dressed only in my shorts (the face of someone you know flaps in front of you . . . and let me say, that Sakurai-kun's smile is so fresh!) so maybe I'll use it some time other than after taking a bath ! !

This could be useful when you wanna hurry up to get your nails dry.

I got a bunch of uchiwas at home( ^w^)

I'm happy( ^w^)

I remember I often peeled all the paper off from an uchiwa to make a broom from it when I was a little kid~.