Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bordeaux Burgundy Russet Clotted blood

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The studio work went very smoothly today, and I was already home in the evening thanks to it!

The main vocal recording took just an hour and a half or so. (-this is very fast)

I'm to do the recordings of background chorus and harmony tomorrow, though.

Alright. Autumn is already here(or is winter already here?), so I changed the color of my nails to an autumn-winter-ish color! I love this sort of colors! What's more autumn-winter-ish than this color, huh? I believe this color is called bordeaux.

By the way, the color of garnet, my birthstone, looks the same. I think very few people know this stone, since it's very little-known . . .

It seems like this color matches my skin color quite well, so it feels very right. Especially when my hair color is black.

When I was in junior high in Tokyo I always put on a large sweater with this color over my school uniform. I always had a run-in with the headmaster, since it infringed on the school rules . . .

Cuz you know, the color of the designated sweater, was so unbelievably tacky red. I mean, the red sweater itself was not to blame! Still I have to remind you, that the uniform skirt was green-checkered. It was a really unthinkable coordinate, that would make you look like a christmas tree.

On top of that the designated socks was in some strange blue . . . ! !

Did it mean to make a cinema projector . . . ! ?
( ; _ ; )

I'm always saying I'm not a type of person who cares about fashions, appearances and such, but in that case my sense of color had to refuse that . . . It's not a matter of fashion and such . . . ! It's a matter of annoyance, or outrageousness . . .

So eventually, I always put on black knee-high socks, which was also infringing on the school rules.

I always had arguments with the headmaster, but all in all I had had my own way for 2 years - throughout my days in that school . . .

It is not good to infringe on school rules. I agree with it. But ! ! It was that uniform to blame! I mean it. I wanna show it to you if I could. It was such a terrible coloration. Just remembering it can make me feel sick to my stomach.

It was a Catholic girl's school located in Yōga. It was a nice school, full of nice girls. (It was a nice school indeed, though I mentioned it just like a supplement)

I always cut my nails very short, as I always did at that time.

I'm sorry, Headmaster.