Thursday, November 08, 2007

Never thought I'd see him here

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I'd like to thank you all who tried to figure out what was the interesting point about the first photo (the one for "Hand made" post) of my messages yesterday! I always love to have your responses.

I enjoyed to read your mails, reviewing them in such manners like "Ha ha ha! You've been reading too much! (lol)"

I got a certain number of these messages, that is: "I bet you mean, the equipment located on the bottom-right, front side of the image, looks like a Kuma's face!"

"Huh? What does it mean . . . ?" I thought, and looked at the bottom-right corner of the image . . .

(; 'o')

(;._.) *rubs at her eyes*

There he is - - - !

A Kuma is there - - - ! !

For real - - - !

So! Today I I took a picture of it in the studio, from a different angle this time!

Kuma is there, for sure . . . I never thought I'd see a Kuma here . . .

I can't believe I, who spend about half a day by thinking about Kuma, didn't notice this guy earlier . . . ! !

He's even got his own ear-like parts. A mecha-Kuma!

So he's always been watching me . . . ! And he always will!

Hehe . . . So cute . . . (-sick, seriously)