Saturday, November 24, 2007

Labor Thanksgiving Day

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The date has already been changed, but today was a public holiday, Labor Thanksgiving Day! So Kuma Chang didn't "come to work"(lol), just spent the day watching TV, lounging and dozing off.

Well, yes, um, about that "Coming to work" movie. Sorry for surprising you all of a sudden.

I've been having Kuma Chang suit made for a long while, and finally it's been wrapped up last month.

At first I ordered this totally off the top of my head just for enjoyment, but the result turned out to be such a superb masterpiece thanks to lots of commitments given, which was enough to make me think this excitement should be shared with all you guys or it'll be a waste of treasure! So that's why I made a short movie!!!

I'm really grateful to all the people who gave helping hands to me to realize such a silly project (;_; ) I give my thanks to all their labors (;_; )
(I paid the shooting staff and people concerned for their labors)

(I spent my own money for making the suit)

(The bill surprised me)

Well you know, guys, you've sent me too much questions like "Could it be Hikaru-san who was in that suit?"

Who on the earth do you think would be happy to do things like that for fun of it, half-dead for luck of air, bathed in sweat, but me! I got very poor visibility, which reduced to almost zero level halfway due to my own sweat(steam) covered the eyes part, and it was hard to breathe, hard to balance, unable to walk fast, I thought I was gonna die for sure . . .

(I respect those people who wear those stuffed character suit in the places like amusement parks. I mean it. I think I will cry next time I visit those places like Disney Land and see the stuffed animal suits (lol))

I'm soooo happy to have a bunch of impression emails from you guys! It was worth it indeed!

And on top of that, I'm even more blessed as well as horrified 'cause a lot of people asked me for the sequel(lol) It's probably because the movie's wrapped up in a way that sets expectations of you guys.

So, here let me tell you, that I will continue to think up more projects, and create fun short movies with Kuma Chang suit! (;_; )

Please keep me encouraged ! ! ! (;_; )

(Er, can somebody tell me what is my primary job? (;-_-))