Friday, November 23, 2007


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I learned "辛党(kara-tou, hot foods lover)" means those people who love drinking.

I'd assumed it would mean spicy-food lovers.

Well, either way I'm a kara-tou person.

Spicy foods taste best in winter! Really taste good! They make my body thaw and warm-. Once again I realize that stimulation is an important thing-.

So, here are the amazing lineups of spicy foods. The Bōkun(Tyrant) series.

I just tried this habanero soup for the first time, and it tasted tomato-ish and yummy! It's not that spicy.

On the reverse side of the can it says "if you eat both the snack and soup at the same time that can make 'W Bōkun'(doubled tyrant)," so I did it accordingly. (I'm such a docile consumer)

Speaking of tyrant. I just went to see a play called "Caligula" in Shibuya on the way back from work. I went to see it as I heard from an actor friend of mine that the play was good.

It was very good, indeed~.

The word "tyrant" was hopping around as a dialogue over and over again, so this message came out here inspired by "tyrant." Habanero the tyrant.

Alright, OK, I know this is one of my random ramblings.

Now I feel like reading the original book by Camus, after seeing the play! I wonder if there's any good one in English.

One more thing, my duet song with Ne-Yo san in America is now on sale, by the online distribution.
Thanks. That's a wrap!