Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rainbow waterfall

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Guess what this is.

It's cables in the studio!

They are this colorful. Dozens of them are all hanging on a coatrack-like thing. They look like a rainbow waterfall!

I took this picture just as I was talking about rainbow in the studio.
It was hard to make them look good as they were in a dim place, but actually they were brightly-colored.

Not to change the subject, but today Komori-kun, the assistant guy, had nosebleeds all of a sudden while at work in the studio. Like a gush.

At first Goetz, the mixing engineer (German guy) looked anxious, but as I kept rolling around on the floor laughing like "(^o^) Bwahahah!!! Hahahahahah! Nosebleed! He's got a nosebleed!", in the end Goetz started laughing too like "God how come you're laughing like crazy . . . (lol)" (Sorry, Komori-kun)

He says he has nosebleeds like 4 times per week. Isn't that a problem? But there do exist people with such a constitution. Didn't know that~.

While Komori-kun was away to stop the bleeding I wrote "Nosebleed" on the documents on his table, thinly in pencil, but he caught me immediately. Hmmm . . . how did he know . . . (No one else would do but me)

Well I myself had nosebleeds the other day though. Nosebleeding is pretty funny for me~.

And you know what, Komori-kun had an another nosebleed later that day.

Twice in a day (lol) While at work (lol)

It's said having nosebleeds is a sign of youth, but I'd say Komori-kun is too youthful (lol)

Speaking of youth. I turn 25 in two months! I shouldn't be hanging around wearing Kuma suit! (lol)

I don't like being in the middle of 20's. I wanna turn 28 faster!