Wednesday, November 07, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I have a crick in my neck! It hurts so bad!

It hurts worst when I face to the right, so I've gotta not face to the right today. I'll turn to the right bodily even under the situation that I usually turn only my face! Like, when someone on the right talks to me. I'll wheel my whole body! (That could look so creepy)

By the way. I've always wanted to show this to you - the scene in the studio, which I think cool.

This is the picture of the scene.

Those people - engineer and assistant engineer people need to have their own computer on hand ever since we've started using Pro Tools.

This is the computer placed at where the engineer person is working. A big monitor screen, keyboard and mouse are placed on the small table with wheels attached, so that it can be moved easily. It looks like this from the rear.

So now you ask what's the cool thing about this?

He he he . . . actually I noticed this a while ago myself.

Take a closer look . . .

I'll upload a zoomed-in photo of the "cool" part here in the meantime . . . he he . . .