Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This is it

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The part that looks transparent as the "Chemise" length is shorter - it looks like this!

Don't you think, that this looks kinda more erotic than to wear a mini skirt? Isn't this what's called eros? Isn't this exactly walking the high road?

So, I put on the one-piece again for a moment just to take this picture. I can't take a full-length picture of me 'cause I'm too shy to do that.

Well, so this is the pattern of the one-piece! I didn't want to stick myself out too much, so I stayed away from the in-season light colored ones and chose this little somber, out-of-date type one-piece.

It's a square-cut type, with a sort of puff-sleeves, high-waisted, and a ribbon is attached on the turned-back part and you tie the ribbon behind your waist. Wearing this I wore the black enamel high heels with wedge sole(that came with a thin string around ankles).

I say I recommend this type of somber yet feminine one-piece to all of you who are not a flashy dresser and tend to be troubled over what to wear for the wedding ceremony or reception* (I think you have no idea though, as the full-length is not in the picture*)

Also I wore a brooch of some strange white elephant, by the way. As I tried to wear it after I put on the one-piece, I couldn't make it easily and once it pierced my breast*