Monday, June 04, 2007

Berusaiyu no Bara

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No need to explain!

This is Beru-Bara, you see!

The perfect reprinted edition set of Berusaiyu no Bara, you see!

It was on the shelf on a level with my eyes in Mandarake. My hands automatically picked this up before my brain recognized it as "Oh, it's the perfect reprinted edition set of Beuraiyu no Bara."

I wrapped my arms around it tightly, as who should say "It's mine It's mine Aw No Me don't give this to you," and kept a tight grasp on it until I paid the cashier. 'Cause there was only one left.

After back home I opened the set, and found that besides the total 10 volumes of Beru-Bara, there were some premiums like "Beru-Bara playing cards," "Frontispiece drawing collection" and whatnot inside, which make us fans so happy. Hehe.

I looked in the premium set and guess what, found postcards with the autograph (printed one, though) of Ikeda-sensei! He, Hehehe. (My friend next to me burst into a fit of laughter on hearing me saying "Ikeda-sensei")

I've always loved Beru-Bara ever since I could remember. Maybe it could be the first manga that I hooked on for the first time in my life . . . ?!

I first saw it as an animated series on TV when I was around 4 or 5 years old, if I remembered it right, and completed all the volumes after I grew up a little bit, then got glued to them. My heart pounded when reading the scene where Oscar's kiss was stolen by force. *shrieks with laughter*

After a dozen times of moving I got to have no idea whether I left it in Japan or America, and this time I got this Box Set and read it for the first time in 15 or 16 years. Re-reading it now I wonder why me as a kid got hooked on this manga, which has love, freedom of heart or the ways people live as the themes, and a grown-up taste as well.

And I'm pretty sure, that the opening song of the TV animation version was quite impressive for me~. I always stood in front of the TV, with a spoon or something in my hand, and sang enthusiastically the song along with the TV ! ! (I believe everyone did! lol)

But then again, the original manga is the best~! Thank God I bought it - !

Gosh I've read from cover to cover, from the vol 1 through 10 for 4 times!

Oscar, who suffers from the gap between her appearance(body) and her mind, and Antoinette who suffers from the gap between her position(responsibility) and her mind. Those who are the sport of fortune.

Awwww--- ! ! ! Oscar --- ! ! (T0T )