Friday, June 08, 2007

I love ballpoint pen

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I'm so glad to learn Ver-Kuma is well received ! !

This could be the first time I drew pictures to look like a manga, surprisingly(Well, I drew a bunch of Little Mermaid pictures though)

I got loads of emails telling me "I'm surprised to learn you're such a good drawer!" I may not look it, but when I was in senior high I took a very hard art course which only the people who were to apply for art colleges would take*
(-oo-) *snorts*

There's this course called "AP" which you can get credit for American university degrees when you're still in senior high(you're to take university-level classes and the credit to be given to you is determined by your final exam score), and the art class was the hardest one in the several AP courses I took! I had to do quite a few assignments.

I often wondered why I was in such a hard course even though I wasn't planning to apply for art colleges, but the !skills! I acquired in those days are now helping me to draw the pictures of Kuma Chang and Ver-Kuma . . . Maybe it was fated . . . Wonder if everything was predetermined ?! . . . Oh my God . . . !(I'm not sure what I'm saying)

I still produce some drawings from time to time, but I say sketching by ballpoint pen can be done anywhere, freely, which makes me feel happy and fresh. It's harder than sketching by pencil but you don't need sprays and such.

I've always dreamed of doing oil painting even more.

But I can't do it at home because of the smell . . . I wonder where those amateur people who don't have their own atelier are doing oil painting? Is it on the roof or in the garden . . . ?