Monday, June 18, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Alright I didn't write this sooner, but I went to Shou-chan's wedding reception the day before yesterday~!

Shou-chan looked a little different from usual, which was a cute thing, and his bride was beyond cuteness! (I don't write her name here but her name is cute as well*)

The reception was full of content, with a taste of quite Shou-chan-ish nice entertainment, common touching moments also, and gorgeous performances.

Tokumitsu-san the host was quite cynical and interesting as expected, and I listened to Naotarō's live singing after a long time, which was so good~(^-^)

After that GLAY performed 2 songs. So gorgeous isn't it!

Well, huh? . . . Was it only me who wasn't asked to do anything . . . ?

Hey come on! So you think it'd bring bad luck if I, who just divorced the other day, sang at the reception?! Huh? Shou-chan! (TmT)

Well it's okay for me though.

Heh ( ._.) *spits*

By the way two kids were sitting at the same table with me, and we hit it off very well together. When I started drawing pictures and words on the jellylike sauce which came with the appetizer dish with a spoon, it caught their interest greatly and all 3 of us started creation in all seriousness.

First I drew the word "KUMA," then tried to draw Kuma Chang next to it but failed so gave it up. Aoi-chan beside me drew her own name neatly. I sorta felt like I was beaten.

Does she know "Boku wa Kuma" by any chance . . . I thought so and really, really wanted to ask her, but ended up not asking because it'd be such a pity if she replied she didn't know, and I just got too many butterflies in my stomach.

If she replied "Yes I know it!" then I wanted to tell her "Oh, that's me, I'm the one singing it!!" What a coward I am(._.*)

Aww, I really wanted to ask her. Or I could ask Inocchi to do so for me . . . *regrets*

It wasn't until I returned home, that I noticed I didn't take any pictures of the reception at all since I don't take pictures regularly . . . I could have uploaded some here if I'd taken something! (But it's a pain for me to take pictures in such an occasion like that)

Still I took ceremonial photos with a number of people (whom I didn't know), so perhaps some photos of me in my private one-piece might be seen somewhere in the meantime*

That's not a big deal for me.

What made me frustrated most was, the moment I thought of taking a picture of the dish with the written "KUMA," the hotel staff person came and ask me " . . . Would it be all right if I clear this dish away?", so I was taken off guard and replied "Oh, yes, no problem" . . . !

"She's getting too old for this . . . " I'm pretty sure he'd think that way:slumps down: