Sunday, June 17, 2007

This might be a local topic

I just turned on the TV for some reason and found some show about molecular anthropology was on, which made me bring back memories and watch the show to the end.

I studied it a little in the class of molecular biology at the university~. Those words like "haplogroup" really bring back my memories . . .

It's been 6 years since then, so I thought the technology to analyze DNA would've made great progress and lots of new things been found, which actually made me find molecular anthropology more interesting than before all on a sudden.

That's all there is to what fun studying something is, probably.

Shinoda-san, the researcher person appeared on the show - his way of speaking was quite easy to understand, easy to listen to.

Now that the ancestors of modern human beings might be traced back to much later time (about 100 thousand years ago) than previously considered, I'd like him to examine it more in detail . . . !

As I wondered which channel on earth was airing such a show like that in Sunday morning, I displayed the channel number and guess what, it was yet again 9-chan ! ! !
It was that Tokyo MXTV, the channel airing Ver-Bara, Cat's Eye, Maison Ikkoku, those good old animations all the time!

I kinda like Tokyo MXTV very much . . . !