Friday, June 15, 2007

For the first time in 14 years . . .

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The boy, who was 1 year ahead of me in the elementary & junior high, has become a great dancer before I knew it!

w('o')w Woow

Look at this. He's flying. He's dancing in the air.

I wonder what the percentage of his body fat is.

His name is Hattori Yukichi kun!
(Many of you'd have seen him in TOP RUNNER I guess?)

I learned about the stage he was to direct, choreograph and star, so I went straight to it with a friend of mine who graduated from the same school as me. I just returned home.

His appearance was not changed at all - his face, back and such looked just the same as they were, but his inside was changed so much, which made me surprised!

He looked great in a lot of ways, matured into a pretty nice guy. When in our 1st year at junior high . . . I remember he was such an annoying kid(lol) He was such a naughty kid, spoke fast and loud ( . . . Huh? Am I talking about myself?) . . . I wonder just how many times he hit my head from behind when I sat right in front of him in Japanese language class . . .

Yukichi kun is the guy who hit my head most in my life. I always thought "Damn it~!" but was too afraid of him to fight back as I was his younger and junior.

So that way, he made a big impression to me.

I thought he wouldn't remember me at all since he soon changed his school, but when I visited him in the dressing room after today's stage, he told me he vaguely remembered me. Really?

"Yeah, I was such a naughty kid at that time~!" He himself admitted it, so just let it go at this*

So it was for the first time in 14 years~. It felt strange. Kinda creepy. The situation felt so, I mean. I felt time was space. Close yet so far away. But it exists right out there!

This stage titled RHAPSODY IN BLUE, is being held at Bunkamura in Shibuya this weekend. (*advertises*)

It was very fun. It was the type of stage that people who weren't familiar with dance could enjoy. If you like music you may get into it soon.

The stage direction was quite youthful, in a good meaning! It was full of young energy, or rather, motivation. The most impressive thing was the movement of Yukichi kun though. Other performers were good too, but he was outstanding. His appearance immediately changed the stage atmosphere.

I better do my best too ('3')

By the way, the thing in the photo is an application form for his fan club I was given at the theater, not that I am a member of his fan club ! ! (lol)