Tuesday, June 19, 2007

That half-a__ed dude

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Something that means totally nothing to me grabbed the headline, but anywayz I'm pretty determined to keep pulling gags as I want.

I don't care what those who never get jokes will think of me.
PonPon! o(- . - o)

This thing in the picture, this is something like an underwear which came bundled with the one-piece I bought the other day. This kind of thing comes along when the one-piece is made from a transparent fabric, you know > ladies

I'm not familiar with this kind of thing very much as I don't buy stuff like one-piece usually. I didn't try on this underwear either at the store as I couldn't be bothered. On the reception day I picked this up to wear, and . . .

Huh? This feels kinda smooth. This texture . . . this transparency . . . Oh, this could be . . . ! ! !

This could be "Shimiizu," in which I was clothed for some reason when I was a kid, couldn't it . . . ? !

"Shimiizu," which has been keeping a bizarre position in my childhood memory because of its strange name and smooth texture.

"Shimiizu," which flashes across my mind every once in a while, I don't know why though.

"Shimiizu," which I thought I would neither see nor wear again.

And this dude came back in my hands again, for some reason . . ? !

That way I got excited, and felt I desperately wanted to tell someone my feelings. I thought of taking a picture quickly as well as writing a message, but I struggled quite hard to attach the brooch to the one-piece, which took me quite a while. After that it was already time to go to the reception.

I wonder if girls usually know "Shimiizu" ? ?

It's some strange thing between clothes and underwear(like underpants) . . .

And I noticed something this time, for the first time . . . Could "Shimiizu" have something to do with "Shimizu"-san ?

( '  .  ' ) . . .

Come on, I'm serious! 'Cause it's not an English word . . . or could it be from other foreign languages? It sounds kinda weak and strange, doesn't it.

I thought it was something that only elder women and kids would wear, but I learned the adolescent girls also wear it under the one-piece and such.

I thought it would be a little-known thing. Shimiizu.

By the way, here I give the impression of wearing Shimiizu after a long time.

The simiizu inside is shorter than the one-piece. So when you sit down, only the longer part of the one-piece looks slightly transparent. It's 10 cm or more above the knee.

That transparent part looks erotic, and I thought that's pretty nice.

That's all.