Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ding Didididing Didididing Dididididididididi(Opening theme of Mito Kōmon)

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(Continued from the post title)
"JI~NSEI RA KU A RYA KU~MOARUSA-" (Take the good with the bad in one's life)

By the way, I find some people are telling me "I saw Hikaru-san the other day" in their emails once in a while.

Sometimes I walk outside in no disguise when I go shopping, meet my friend somewhere or when I think it's just OK to be noticed, so in those cases I see some people look back to me or have a "Oh!" look, but I don't receive emails from those people.

I think they don't write emails to me because they are just not my fan. Or more like, basically nobody notices me when I'm just walking down the street.

The store clerk people recognize me by face and voice in the case where I talk to them at close range. That's just about it.

So those emails like "I saw you the other day" really make my heart skip a beat. Make me think "Oh! How did they recognize me?!". Make me worry and wish they didn't see me drunk and doing any weird things. (lol)

I read those emails further, and find they are also telling me about "when and where."

But most of them go like "You were sitting opposite me, in the shinkansen bound for Nagoya . . . right?" or "You were on the train of %# line, bound for %# around at %%:##, alone and incognito, weren't you?", which makes me EHHHHHHHHH????

It doesn't happen that I get on the shinkansen or other trains by myself~.

And the emails end up in "I dropped you off before I decided whether to speak to you or not."

Most of the time, when people recognize me they ask me "Er . . . . I think you are Utada Hikaru san . . . Is that correct?", and I believe they spoke to me that way because they were not sure (I was thinking like "What if I replied 'No I'm not'?", though . . . )

To put it simply.

That means, there should be the cases that people sometimes get someone confused with "Utada Hikaru" and speak to the person "Er, I think you are Utada Hikaru san, is that corredct?" . . . right ? ? ?

You'd be frightened if you were asked such a thing all of a sudden. A perishing nuisance.

The person who got someone confused with me, would feel very ashamed. (lololol)

So, I take this opportunity to apologize to those people who experienced such a situation*


I shall answer you "Yes, I am" and give permission to have me sign an autograph! (*^o^*)/