Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm sorry Fumakilla

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

One day in the last week, I stepped out onto the veranda after a long time, and watched dawn for a while there.

The color of the sky changed slowly, the shadows on the clouds showed various expressions, which amused me so much.

The residential areas with the feel of sleeping people, the buildings at some distance, all of them are at their most vulnerable, without knowing they are being stared at by me this hard. Hehehe. Thinking things like that I enjoyed the refreshing mood for a while, saw the moment of sunrise at last, then thought "All right, had enough" and went back in the room.

Whew, it felt so good~! It was so beautiful~!


Itc, itchy ! ! !

Awwww! It's so itchy, itchy, itchy!

Gosh my arm was bitten 2 times by mosquitoes! So itchy~!

Yes, it's summer, the season of mosquitoes.

The parts bitten by mosquitoes have got bruised so bad, what's this? Does this happen to everyone? Or am I allergic to mosquitoes?

I understand if you scratch the bitten part it turns red, but in my case it gets bruised even if I do nothing.

"Huh, what's wrong with it?"

"Oh, you mean this? I got a mosquito bite"

"Eh??? Then you get such a thing??"

I often have this kind of talk.

You say I better get a bug spray?

Humph ! ! ! Wonder who buys things like that, the products from the company with that awful name . . . ! !

It's too awful, I disagree violently.

Why they used the name like Kumakilla . . . ! ! !

. . . I was seriously turning my back like that, striking alone against the bug repellent products.

I watched the commercial more carefully and found the company name was "Fumakilla," simply changed sides, and now I'm planning to buy mosquito sticks and bug spray tomorrow at the drugstore.

I discover and learn something new everyday.

Anyway, the website of Fumakilla, I wonder why it has Chinese language version and Indonesian language version. Maybe they are selling things a lot in China and Indonesia, I guess.

Seems like there are a lot of mosquitoes in Indonesia . . .