Sunday, June 10, 2007

I beg your forgiveness . . . !

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Changtoinette is to blame!

Oh, please forgive Hikaru . . . !

I'm such persistent one, aint I? lol

Those people who learned I'm a Ver-Bara lover let me know lots of things like "You know there's such a goods like this!", but the Ver-Bara goods I've been begging for is not sold on the places like the official site . . .

The goods is . . . the Ver-Bara trash can ! ! !

Yes, it does exist! I mean it!

I saw it with my own naked eyes ! !

In the small dressing room I was shown into when I appeared on Waratte Iitomo as a guest for the first time . . . it was there ! ! ! The trash can with Ver-Bara illustration was found there!

I have no idea why that fancy Ver-Bara trash can was in that small dressing room of Fuji-TV, but anywayz it was there.

It looked totally out of place, which almost made me feel like crying (T o T)

I got thrilled and thought I'd like to bring it to more sunny place . . . or rather, I just wanted it at my home ! ! ! So I considered how to steal it.

The elevator was located right outside the dressing room. There couldn't be any better condition as an escape route, but a lot of Fuji-TV staff people were around there.

The trash can was not the size that you could hide in your bag or clothes . . .

Sheesh . . . ! So this is too reckless . . . ! !

I wanted it so badly but controlled myself with all my might.

Then, was that around early this year? When I appeared again on Iitomo I was shown into the same dressing room. I thought I'd throw some litter and found, guess what, a quite normal ordinary trash can there . . . !

Where did that glorious Ver-Bara trash can go . . . ? What happened to the trash can . . . ! Don't tell me someone stole it! No fair it's not fair, I barely controlled myself at that time, you know!

So, after all I still wanna that trash can . . . someday I'll definitely find it and have possession of it . . . ! (*-_-*) *pouts*

(NOTE by Nuuk)
the speech bubbles read "Ikeda-sensei!!" "Please . . . please except everyone from blame . . . !"