Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pitfall of the day

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


I did the recording of a TV program in the recording studio I always use!

It felt kinda strange, but was fun, in an at-home atmosphere, with a lot of audience at close range!

It was over before I knew it, but anyways thank you guys for coming ! !

By the way, there was this pitfall in the room I used for the makeup . . .

My heels got stuck in this, which made me so surprised.


Huh? What?

Just how come there can be a hole here on the floor ! ! !

Something like that.

Aww, I was so surprised, seriously.

Never thought there would be such a trap here of all the places . . . !

Anywayz I got off work without any troubles, I mean, actually I've been suffering from some bronchitis like thing, a mixture of cold and pollen allergy since last week, so I was very much worrying if I could sing properly today, but I manages to wrap up the actual recording !

Everyone watch out for pollen allergy, well actually it's hard to watch out for it, but let's get over it!