Monday, March 31, 2008

A view with mikans

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I got this view after I crammed all the remaining mikans into the fridge (; .V.)

I heard they could be crushed and go bad if they were piled up, so I carefully put all of them in lines avoiding them to be piled up, and that's why they look like this*

The fridge looks dark!

The fridge looks dark because of those mikans! (lol)

And the color is so orange . . .

It would make me surprised a lil bit every time I open the fridge door

There are no rooms left for other stuff (lol)

I mean, there are just too many to eat by one person! Just who the heck took such a huge amount of mikans to the house of a girl living alone!

That's me:slumps down:

What should I do, seriously

Shall I take some to my staff

By the way, tomorrow I'll be in the live special show of HEYHEYHEY~

It's a 3-hour show, you know ? ?

What does it mean?

Am I going to be in the show throughout 3 hours ? ?

Isn't everyone gonna feel like going to the restroom or blowing their nose?

I've already started getting nervous(._.*)

Hope it'll be over soon(._.*)