Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Impulse buy of the day

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Look at this!

Isn't it cute?

It's "kinkan."

I found it at a supermarket store, and its petit-mikan-ish presence blew me away and drove me to buy it on impulse.

'Cause it looks just like a small mikan!

I just couldn't ignore it as a mikan lover!

It's so tiny, cute~! (-girls' weakness)

So I bought it, but, completely have no idea about how to use, or rather, how to eat.

How can I eat this?

Or, is it supposed to be used as a seasoning, not to be eaten? Like yuzu.


Still have no idea but it's cute.

My one and only regret is that the images like above might not be telling you enough how tiny kinkan is, because of my small hands.

I'm so susceptible to the combination of orange and yellow green~.

By the way, currently my nails are with yellow green color on, and the top of the nails are flickering with yellow green color like French nails.

About a sack of mikans I bought the other day - I can't peel them by hand 'cause they have a firm skin
( ; _ ; )

I wanna eat them, but I can't eat them. It's like some kind of strange torture.

Why don't you just cut and eat them > me