Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'09 Kuma Chang's summer memories

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Summer is over now~

So here let me write some on summer memories

During the time I was given some rest after I cancelled my works due to a severe peritonsillitis - it wasn't that I didn't work at tall, but actually in July I headed over to Honolulu, Hawaii, to take part in a radio event I had promised to be in but asked to postpone.

Of course I took Kuma Chang there with me ! !

You know what,

It was

The very first time

Kuma Chang visited Hawai ! ! !

What a bourgeois kuma he is !

Look at this

Don't you think he does have what it takes to be there ?

Well if I had to say one thing . . .

It's the balcony for a hotel room so it looks kinda, like a cage (lol) which may remind you of a kuma in a zoo cage . . . (´・ω・`)

No no wait ! ! Kuma Chang is a free kuma ! !

What you can see in the back, is the mountaion know with the nickname of "Diamond Head."

Here I showed you the cool collaboration between Diamond Head and Kuma Chang !