Sunday, September 13, 2009

Celebs I saw in towns lately

( ・(ェ)・)ノBonjour

It happens a lot that I gape like "Huh? I haven't been to such a place . . . " thouth sometimes there pops up information or rumors saying something like "I saw Utada hikaru there" "I saw Utada Hikaru here" on the net or fan mails, so I tend to doubt myself even if I happen to see celebs, like "Hmm . . . maybe that could be someone else?" (I just seldom see them)
( . . . It could be because I seldom go out (lol))

But I did see them last month, I mean two of them in a row !

First of all!

Monsieur Kamayatsu san!

"Oh wow! That's him, definitely!! I have no doubt!" - I did have no doubt!

Matter of fact, long long ago, when I performed live for the first time he was watching? me sitting at the corner of rehearsal studio, I mean Monsieur Kamayatsu san was. So nice of him to come over to see the rehearsal of a little girl, who had never performed live before.

This time I wasn't in such a situation that I could say something to him casually, so I just walked past him without saying hello.

Well but I saw him on the street I often walk down, so I'll say hello to him for sure, next time I see him there.

And within the same week I saw, you know,

The leader of Dacho-club!

Higo san!


Monsieur mura mura!


This is my report of sighting of celebs, who both relate to Monsieur!

See you around~