Thursday, February 22, 2001

☆A day off between lives☆

Hey guys! What's up?? Guys swamped with work or entrance exams, are you getting enough rest?? I'm here, surviving too!

You know, Last night was the first time I've been live on the radio in quite a while. It's the FM radio show called Radio Unlimited hosted by mega-hyper Yamada Hisashi san everyday. Honestly, at first I thought it would be hard when I heard I was to go on the air at past 10 at night, cuz yesterday I was doing photo shoots for mags, interviews and things like that from noon and then supposed to go to the radio station without a break, but the fact was that the croquettes and soboro-gohan in the bento prepared were super yummy; I was able to talk to listeners on the phone; I got a Chuichi mug sent/made by a fan of mine; I appreciated the tension of the live show; I met Yama-chan and Mori-chan(the staff guy) for the first time in a long time - so after all I had a great time! One and a half hours just flew by. I was excited and screamed till my voice got hoarse cuz I didn't wanna give in to Yama-chan's mega-hyperness. . . . why did I, just a singer, need to increase my fighting spirit against such a thing! (lol)

I had a day that made me enjoy bathing after returning home *very much* - that's exactly the proof that I had such a productive day,
isn't~it~( ̄▽ ̄)
Huh, do I sound like an old man? Just imagination, really! By the way I wonder why the phrase "Ii Yu Dana♪(Nice Hot Bath)" always pops out of my mouth when I soak in the bathtub. Well, that's, exactly the proof that I am a Japanese,
isn't~it~( ̄▽ ̄)
Ho ho ho. Huh, do you think that I sound like an old man? What if Utada's hair is a little thinning next time when you see her on tv?? (lol)

And you know, this morning I got up, checked my email and found that the impressions from the people who listened to the radio show arrived, suddenly and promptly. It really moved me, like "*touched* . . . what a real-time rewarding work this is!!" Just that alone was enough for me to feel refreshed - the power of words is just amazing. And tomorrow I'll be LIVE again! This time on TV! Yes, you can't think of Friday without thinking of . . . M-ste! Woot I'm so excited♪

Please drop me a line if you have any interesting requests like "Please do this!"! I'll check my email again tomorrow before I leave in the morning. I may really do it as I'm easily carried away person~? ☆

All right then see ya tomorrow~ (o^∇^o)ノ