Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nail thing got a great response! (lol)

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I've got a lot of replies from the women in their 20s . . . telling me "I use only nail-clippers too!" !!


That's what I thought !

I thought there would be less people who go to nailarium and such !

It costs money too.

Good, so I'm normal (lol)

But it seems like, there are a lot of people who keep their nails short and always cut them by nail-clippers, since they've got weak nails.

Apparently, using nail file gives less burden to nails than nail-clippers (; .V.)

But I don't like that feeling much. That feeling that you feel when you buff your nails.

It neither hurt nor tickle you, but how can I say . . . er . . . it feels yucky, huh?! (; .V.)

That yucky feeling is hard to explain . . .

It would be bearable if someone did it to me, but I can't do it myself.

If only I had no nails, just like Kuma Chang (^-^;)

But I gotta do something, since I do have them.

I got a bunch of requests, to upload the image if I really had "Michael Jackson" nails.

Yes, of course I'll do that ! !

I'll make all the member of Jackson 5 with my five fingers!

I guess the guy on my little finger would be in big trouble though (lol)

By the way, I heard "Chuichi"(a cat), my parents had in the past, always pulled out his own nails when they got long.

He knew it hurt for human being, but endured pain himself and pulled out his nails. That's what I heard from my dad.

Isn't that great, huh?