Tuesday, February 12, 2008


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Well well well.

It's been chilly isn't it!

In Tokyo I've often thought "Huh? It's not that cold . . . " when I go outside, even if people say it's cold and chilly, and I found that the coldness of winter in New York is about the same as in Hokkaidō.

My image of winter in Hokkaidō was like "freezing!!" earlier, but if that is the case I think I wanna visit Hokkaidō in winter!

The image above. Which I took a while ago, I forgot when, but maybe in December.

I found these two guys at work, drawing pictures on the wall, when I was shopping in Shibuya.

They kept drawing pictures outside in the cold. There are various kinds of work out there.

I wanna climb a ladder and draw a big picture on the wall~. I wonder how it would feel like, if I covered walls and ceilings with my drawings for years, just like those European castles or cathedrals.

To make an album you need about 1 year and so, but I'm interested in doing such a long-trem project that takes like 3 years, 4 years or 10 years!

Someday I'll quit my current job, but I'm not sure that I can live days without work, so I wish I could buy a big house somewhere in the countryside, and spend the rest of my life there drawing pictures on the walls and ceilings inside the house~!

Hm, so you ask me why I'm talking about such a topic?

I don't imagine anything unnecessary while I'm making music, but some mixed thoughts pop up in my head when I'm doing some TV or promotional works, and that bothers me greatly.

Like, "If only I had done this at that time~."

Or like, "I thought it's just easy to sit down together with all the performers and have chats in HEY!HEY!HEY! but I find it's not that easy actually, cuz we tend to look out for each other and act humble~" (lol)

Or "Will this single sell well~?" (lol)

I cannot help but think that human being's life is full of mixed thoughts and unnecessary things.

Like, if the aim of our life were to leave offspring, our entire life would be such an exaggerated, or rather, extensive thing.

If the aim were not only to leave offspring, (as there are a lot of women and men who are not able to have a child, and there are also those people who choose not to have a child) what does our life stand for? For work? What is work . . . to do good for someone . . . to enjoy . . . to get rid of the mixed thoughts . . .

I wanna live, like a plant (lol)

That's what I'm thinking these days.

Let's just say, that I consider everyday as a training, and will do my best for work (*-_-*)