Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Got a choco

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Yesterday, I went to TBS for the recording of Utaban, and I got a chocolate there!

Got a choco!

Tasted good!

Got a choco that tasted good!

Thanks a lot~.

The show recording was done quite smoothly. I mean, it was such a fun time that I felt the recording was over in a minute.

Usually when you do TV show recordings you often experience stuffy air or hotness that comes from strong lighting, but yesterday the studio where I recorded my singing was cold, which made me surprised.

During the time between the run-through and actual recording, it always takes a certain time to adjust here and there as Utaban's always got such a gorgeous, fancy set and lighting, and my hands turned cold like an ice, you know. I lost feeling in my toes and I thought I almost had chilblains(; .V.)

Personally, however, I feel better in coldness than hotness, so I think I it's not that bad (lol)

Sweating bothers me so much(._.*)

In the recording of a music TV show that I did when I was sick and taking various kinds of medicine, I got sweaty like crazy (something like cold sweats), which made me so embarrassed(._.*)

I definitely prefer winter to summer.

Maybe I could move to Hokkaidō(^0^)