Monday, February 11, 2008

Karakuri ningyō

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I was just watching the HISTORY channel and I saw something I couldn't ignore . . .

The program was about the fact that human beings have been creating "mechanical" things from an unbelievably long time ago.

Following their introduction into inventions by China, this tea-serving doll came on stage!

"Wow, that's a Japanese thing!"

But the narrator mentioned nothing about Japan, while the tea-serving doll was walking in front of the board stating "China(bla bla bla)." You'd definitely think it's an invention by China if you were just watching it normally.

The doll was carrying the tea cup that was obviously of Chinese design . . .

It seems like Western people keep confusing China, Japan and Korea, lumping three countries all together

( T _ T ) Dohhhhh !

On top of that they were yelling

"tea girl tea girl"

over and over again, but

This hairstyle obviously shows the doll is "a boy" . . .

I feel a little bit pathetic, although it was just a very short scene on a TV program I was watching in a daze at dawn. This time I quickly noticed the error as it was concerned with my country, and this happening made me think that maybe I should not fully believe in the information from history programs and such.

I sorta trust the HISTORY channel though . . .

Well, speaking of history, something that is considered true right now is nothing but a perception, which could be reversed at any time . . .

This really got me thinking a lot.

Come to think of it I have to say that Gakken's Ooedo Karakuri Ningyō is quite well made(lol)
Maybe I'll get one myself(lol)

(I may delete or change the image above right away if there are any problems, as I made it by taking a picture of an other site's image)