Saturday, February 23, 2008

The back

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

This is the message panel we always draw for M-Ste

This time I was killing time by doodling this and that also on the back as I had so much time on my hands in our spare time, which was unusual

<from a fan>
Both front and back side are posted on M-Ste site!

( ; _ ; )

Never thought they'd upload the back side

( ; _ ; )

It ended up being a lil bit geeky, weird one, after I doodled and doodled this and that and wrote some strange words over and over again, without thinking

I thought it would be OK as only the staff people would see it*

And they did upload it, before the day was over!


Above picture is the one I took as a memory, since I thought they'd never use it*

Well it doesn't matter much . . . I mean, would it be all right for them to post such a thing like this?

It's just a kid's doodle, seriously.

Dear M-Ste.

I made mistakes when I wrote the letter "暇" (lol)

Twice . . . (sob)

By the way, as I said at the end of the show, I tried to set a new record of leaving there.

I always surprise people, making them say "God you're so quick!" even if I'm not that in a hurry.

Well then!

Now that it's come to this!

I thought I would like to try my wings ! !

To see how early I can leave there after the show, if I hurry up consciously ! !

As soon as the show was over and commercials started, a bright voice of the staff echoed on the large floor of the studio - "Okay that's a wrap!"

At the exact moment

I was about to step down from the set, after cutting across in front of NEWS (bowing and saying "Excuse me, oh, excuse me")

Heading for the exit to the aisle leading to the dressing rooms . . . !

The audience people buzzed and laughed, seeing me who was trotting off the floor with a serious face earlier than anyone else

My staff(5 or 6) and I, were trotting along the aisle of Tele-Asa in a hurry

(My staff struggled to catch up with me)

As soon as I returned the dress room I took off my shoes and clothes in a fluid, flowing movement

Put on my ordinary clothes

That was probably quicker than the speed of Sailor Moon's transformation sequence

Took my coat

Grabbed my bag

I was like a wind, heading for the elevator looking the male staff who was waiting for me in the aisle surprised and stepped away, far behind

Got the famous M-Ste boxed tissues in the lobby and jumped in the car before I finished saying "Thank you very much!"

And I'm telling you

The time was


That was the moment I hit a record high ! ! !

Thank you thank you very much !

( ; _ ; ) *sheds tears*

Of course I came out top

I sent an email of joy to my friend, then got this response: "You know, you were on the 1-hour show . . . "

Exactly . . .

But I think I could break 8:55 level if I made more adjustment to do my change of clothes more smoothly . . . !

That was the day that made me feel like that

Thank you very much ! ! !

PS. :slumps down: I, I'm so tired . . .