Monday, February 18, 2008

2nd-generation celebs

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Here's Hikaru, who's been wondering which one to drink, milk or chūhai.

Helloooo guys.

It feels so good to take a shower, washing away all those makeup, hair dressing and such that I got put on at work ! !

And just let me say that nothing tastes better than milk or alcohol after taking a shower!

That's the best thing! (I'm still wondering which to drink)

Well, let me talk about The Police reunited live concert, though it's been a couple of days already.

The concert was opened by the band of Sting's son.

What a trembling opening act to be! (from the perspective of opening act)

I wouldn't be able to be the opening act for my mom . . . it's too scary . . .
((((  ;*m*))) *trembles*

It's just normal that an opening act is inferior to the feature act, but I would get depressed every night, having a feeling that I'm too bad as a singer (lol)

Many thought popped into my head while Sting's son was playing, like "Oh~he does look a little like his dad~", "Wow! His voice and singing sound like his dad!" or "I guess he likes his dad very much~."

Maybe those people who knows Fuji Keiko would think the same way, when they see me on stage!

Would be fun if we did a worldwide tour together as a parent and child(*^o^*)

However. That night. What impressed me most, among all those opening act and The Police thing was . . .

The fact that Sting's son talked and talked in Japanese (lol)

At first I thought that maybe he memorized some phrases for the performance in Japan, but he talked and talked and talked. He talked a lot in Japanese. His pronunciation was of a foreigner, though(lol)

"Igirisu ji---n! Amerika ji---n! Nihon ji---n! Sekai no kyoutsuu go wa Ongaku de-su!(English! American! Japanese! Music is the common language of the world!)", or

"Yakusoku de---su! Konoato! Geeto Nijuugoban, De, Sain to akushu shima-su! Kitekudasa-i! Yakusoku de-su! (I promise you! After this, I'll hold a shake-hands & autograph session, at Gate 25! Be sure to come! I promise you!)"

Like that, his Japanese was excellent.

I can't help thinking he learned Japanese somewhere.

His pronunciation was like that of "a foreigner" role on a comedy show, which was cute, funny, enough to make me laugh out loud during all that time.

He's got blond long hair, translucent blue eyes just like his dad's, and said such things during he was playing rock music . . . and top of that he's a son of Sting, you know? I couldn't help but laugh.

He was very kawaii katta de-su!

Thank you very much de-su!