Saturday, February 16, 2008


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I got this yummy-looking heart cake today~.

At the interview by The Television(magazine).

Say this is the kind of dessert that makes girls happy and say "Cute~!"*

(I just thought "Wow it's a very classy designed cake" though)

The color is nice as well, somehow reminds me of blood color*

(I'll squash it and eat it up!)

Speaking of The Television! You just can't forget about the lemon! The lemon on the front!

My stylist-san and I were excited about it and chose this cloth that had some yellow color for the interview, but I was shoooooooocked when I arrived in the shooting studio.

It's The Television Weekly that you hold a lemon on the front cover, and the Monthly one, which I was going to do today, got no lemons . . .


o(- . - o) Pon Pon!

I was fully prepared to hold a lemon!

"I'll put the lemon in my mouth wildly!"

I was planning this and that!

All the staff including me got very much disappointed.

I went on the photo shoot in a little low-down mood.

It's just my fault that I got it wrong, got excited and got depressed on my own. Sorry for that(lol)

By the way, the Valentine Day thing.

The whole day passed while I was drinking with my friend*

Yesterday I had a hangover, as well as stomach trouble*

Hapy Valentine