Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pincer attack

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Kuma Cha--ng Here's a gift for you~! A gadget used for today's shootings! A tiny mirror ball~!


Today I had an interview and did some shootings for rockin' on.

For the first time in 6 years.

That was fun.

Oh yes, and they prepared a lot of nice foods in the dressing room . . . I saw the mini-hamburger by "MAISEN" for the first time!

It was a tiny, small one as if it's a grandson of normal hamburgers, and I couldn't help but scream "Oh it's so cuuute~!", and on top of that it tasted, you know, so good. There was this one that had the usual katsu in it, and the one called something like squid thingamajigger.

I forgot the name*

Anyway, it tasted so good.

I wanted to put it on my hand and take a picture of the cuteness, but I had left both ke-tai and digital camera at home (weep)

See you again soon . . . the mini-burger of MAISEN . . .

After that, I got some work related to music (which wasn't concerned with my album though) so I went to the studio.

The place got a lot of people, so I thought it's crowded with people today~

And you know what!

The place had 3 studios in total, and I used A-studio, while Yuzu was in B-studio and Orange Range in C-studio!

All the people but me were of citrus name ! ! !

That's not the point(lol)

(well that's a point in a sense though)

So gorgeous! No wonder the place was that crowded~.

So, Utada Hikaru was caught in pincer attack by Yuzu-san and ORANGE RANGE-san.

If it had been Shiina Ringo chan who used A-studio that would have made a complete fruit garden, which would be fun~.

I thought of asking Yuzu-san to take a picture together as I bumped into them a couple of times in a lobby or lounge-like shared space, but

1 Isn't it like the diary of Shokotan?

2 I left both my ke-tai and camera at home on today of all days

Due to the two reasons above I abandoned taking a picture together with them.

That's what happened to me today.