Monday, February 04, 2008

Old familiar Homework's

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Yesterday I started eating right after I wrote "I'm gonna eat the BLT sandwich of Homework's," then it surprised me that I ate up all just in 8 minutes or so (Usually people often say I'm a slow eater)

And I had my stomach hurt and went off a little because I ate too fast. Alright, is there any problem? (I'm such a puff)

After that we cuddled up together like this to watch TV.

I've sent the application and finally I am able to watch the Jidaigeki-only channel, as well as my fave Discovery channel, Animal Planet, you name it, so I'm very satisfied now. I have a feeling I've watched TV for the first time in a while as my back had been hurting so bad that I couldn't sit down and watch TV.

By the way, I got these responses that were like, I looked sexier than usual in the past few photos.

Basically I'm in a camisole top + pajamas at home


My strategy was to take my picture that looked like I was in an usual cloth by taking only the pajama top off so that I wouldn't be nagged like "Oh, she's taking pictures and uploading 'em in that shabby pajamas again!" After all, in the picture above I ended up showing my pajama trousers and I just don't care much about it.

By the way, I quit walking around outside or going to work in pajamas, completely(._.*)

My dad said "You look like someone who escaped from a hospital," and a friend of mine who shows some understanding of my eccentricity gave caution to me like "Anything but that . . . "(._.*)

Seems like, I've grown up~! Ha ha ha! Grown up enough to lead the tabloid people to write about me like "Fully sultry" after the jacket picture of my new album was revealed to the public! Ha ha ha!

I was "a confused young boy-ish" at heart at that time but, well, whatever.

By the way, I suppose today the snow should've turned to ice everywhere across the Kanto area, so I wonder if everyone is doing all right. It seems like this area is not used to snowing very much. It would be so dangerous if someone who had a bad back or old people slipped on the ice.

Everyone watch your step.