Friday, February 08, 2008

I cried!

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Hasegawa Heizō~! You are, you are so . . . !

( ; _ ; ) *sheds tears*

Oh boy~. So you were such a guy~.

Just controlling crimes didn't secure public order, so he launched a center to rehabilitate those people who turned to crime for living. Mm hm.

He showed understanding of, so-called, the people at the bottom level of society, and gave them a second chance. Mm hm.

That would be applicable to our day as well.

Employment issues, Working Poor conditions, Homelessness issues . . . those are the problems Japan has been facing now.

Oh yes, I also missed a documentary by NHK, featuring Working Poor issues(part 3) which was aired in the beginning of this year, so gotta find some way to get it too! I heard it was very well made.
Did you watch it?

Well, yesterday I had an interview and photo shootings for CD-Data magazine. (I feel very much blessed that I have a home to live in and work to do)

Guess what, Kuma Chang came with me!

They said they'd like to take my photos together with Kuma Chang, so I took him to the shooting studio.

Then after a round of shooting was over and we returned to the dressing room for set change and cloth change . . .

Kuma Chang photo session started.

"Oh~ Kuma Chang is so cute~!"

"Doesn't he look perfect sitting in this chair?!"

"Oh, I'll take a picture too"

Murakami-san and I flocked around Kuma Chang to take pictures like crazy, just like those cameraboys flocking around the elementary school kid singing on the street of Akihabara.

Look at me as a high-spirited photographer over there.

(Watch your lower back > me)