Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New feature added~!

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

So. The RSS thingamajig for which we've had a big number of requests, has been added to the site!

Does it notify you immediately when the site is updated?

I'm still kinda not sure about it. I'll study more. Yup.

This is my latest fave yogurt I recommend you. I saw it at the convenience store, interested in it like "Oh, it's a new addition. What's this??" then bought it~.

Generally, most yogurt packages are in a brisk, light color, but look at this one! What a chic package with a taste of autumn ! ! !

You'll be again surprised when you open the leaf, cause the yogurt itself has a fairly vivid color.

When you bring the first bite of the yogurt to your mouth . . . Oh boy! It tastes a little strange! Yet tasty! Hmmm, I might be into this thing!

So. I bought it again. I'm sorta lovin' it.

(Yogurt isn't attached to the leaf back at all, by the way) (I'm satisfied, though)