Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dyed my hair again

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I dyed my hair again, for the upcoming series of my TV-related works---.

Can you see the difference? I chose the color one tone lighter than before. This will look light as well on the TV, which is nice.

Seems like the ke-tai camera cannot fully portray the color~. Does it look darker than it really is? (Or is it just my home is dark?)

I see I've got a little red eyes. It might be because I got a series of DVDs lately and been watching them in a sitting, for a little too long time . . .

Say, I've got one thing I've always wondered for a long time - most of the time when I take a photo with my friends, I get really red eyes, gleaming, while others look just normal. Even if I get reprints with red-eye correction, only my eyes are gleaming red, like an owl.

How come this happens ? ?

Does it mean my pupils are always enlarged? (Er, am I dead . . . ?)

Or am I always in an excited state? (lol)

Or do my pupils take long to get small against the flashing ? ?

I'm fairly a night-bird type of person, and I really look like an owl with gleaming eyes alone in the photo . . .

Owls . . . I don't remember what an owl chirp is like . . .