Tuesday, August 07, 2007


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. . . was the atomic bomb day. I got to wonder why I was thinking only about atomic bombs when I was thinking how to eliminate them from this world. It's a little strange that I don't mind other weapons . . . but "war" is to kill loads of opponents and do damage to their county, then that should mean war is to blame, not atomic bombs . . . America is the only country which had first created and used the atomic bombs, while banning other countries to possess the atomic bombs or been putting pressure on them to reduce the quantity on the other side (And they possess a lot of nuclear weapons themselves) . . . Also, lately they've been criticizing Japan's "Comfort women" issues in the past, but they have a history of slavery in the past as well, are they really in the position to talk about the things like that . . . thinking about those things one way or another, I fell fast asleep before I knew it!

I slept great.:*:.(*^-^)

I don't know much 'bout politics and economics, they're too complicated.:*:.(*^-^)

I'm gonna have a chat with Kuma Chang.

'You called Doraemon as geeky, but you shouldn't judge someone just by the appearance.'

"Yup   Me understand   not all the people   are shapely   like me"

'Yes that's right. And you know what, Doraemon has this great pocket called Four-dimensional Pocket, and you can bring out loads of useful future devices out of it.'

"Eh   That sounds great   Four-dimensional Pocket is cool   Maybe he can change it   with this my bag"