Monday, August 06, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Alright, I think you find that Kuma Chang's head is 1 meter around(1.005 meter actually in the image, as the tape measure was a little loosened)

That famous Doraemon san is 129.3 cm both in height and measurements and 1 meter in seated height, according to his official profile. (I heard these figures came from the average height of boys in 4th grade elementary at that time, so it's more like a conceptual thing though)

Could Kuma Chang possibly slightly be similar to Doraemon . . . ? To examine this suspicion! Let's take more sizes of Kuma Chang~! (There we go~!)

The tape measure I got in DAISO worked pretty hard (lol)

First of all, his waist. Here it is!

. . . 122 cm!

He's in metabolic syndrome . . . ('o' )

Next, his height. His natural position is the sitting pose, and he should be ca. 110 cm when he stands up.

His seated height should be around 80 cm.

( . . . Looks like this is getting to be unreliable little by little (lol) Nope, that's not it! I'm not cutting corners, but it's got to be rough because his body is too pliant - especially when I measure something vertical, the length always varies depending on his pose!)


Well, compared with Doraemon, it seems like Kuma Chang is one size smaller overall. As to the balances, Kuma Chang got a smaller head, and bigger waist! (lol) That's about it.

Their whole atmosphere and roundness look alike, but Doraemon is larger in the upper part of his body, while Kuma Chang is larger in his waist and other lower part of his body. (lol)

"Who is Doraemon   Hikaru-chan"

'He's a very famous cat-like robot. He got a big head, short limbs, looks round in whole and so cute.'

"Hehe   What's that   Sounds geeky"