Monday, August 13, 2007

TV taping, first one

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Wuzzup folks.

I taped HEY!HEY!HEY! yesterday!

I put on these private chic socks of black NEBUTA.

Singing for a TV show for the first time in a long while, and singing Beautiful World for the first time in front of people - I was tense a little bit at rehearsal, but quite enjoyed singing in the actual taping probably because I had audience people*

Finished singing, changed my clothes, then as I went out of the dressing room to go to the talk-part taping, Monkey Majik san called to me when they passed me on the corridor, which surprised me a lot. Normally, how can I say, it makes you surprised so much when someone you don't know talks to you all of a sudden, at extreme point-blank range! Or I might be more timid than the normal level(lol) I may be able to have a chat more casually in English, when I'm in such a situation.

MM "Hey, how ya doin?"

Me "!? (Oh, it's M, Monkey Majik san! Aw awww) . . . F, fine, thank you . . ."

Am I a junior high student who's poor at English - - - ! ! (lol)

After that I exchanged a word or two with them just casually, but I found myself, who replied them embarrassed at first, quite interesting. I think I kinda got to understand the feeling of Japanese who got embarrassed when being talked to by foreign people.

My heart never stops pounding in TV stations! I have a feeling I wanna get used to it, as well as I should not get used to it.

Well whatever, I enjoyed tapings of both singing part and talk part pretty much.

The moment that thrilled me most was . . . After the song part was taped, while the staff was checking the VTR I was having a chitchat with the audience people as usual, then I came to sing one chorus of "Boku wa Kuma" in the course of nature, and then came this KUMA call in an excitement state ! ! !


Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ! ! ! KUMA - - - ! ! ! !

Everyone thank you very much for staying with me that way(all excited more than I imagined(lol)). I'm so impressed.

(^-^)/ Thanks for coming!