Friday, August 17, 2007

Dead tired

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Gahhh~, I'm tired~ TV works wear me out~ (._.; )

I wonder why, 'cause it's not that pressing work(I commute to the studio everyday and work for many more hours when I do loads of recordings, you know). It's a fun work for me, though.

After the taping of Music Fighter was done I found the hair makeup staff-san had some pretty ke-tai strap, so I asked her "What's that?" and she replied me she just got it from my staff.

It was a promotion item for "Beautiful World/Kiss & Cry" single release! It got kinda small crystal-like sphere, with two pictures inside. From one side it looked like a globe, and from the other side it looked like something black & white . . . I couldn't see it well. Trees? What was that.

Now let me tell you.

After that I went home some time later,

And I didn't get that goods

W-H-Y- ! ( T O T )

WHY nobody gave it to me - ! ( T O T )

Well I don't care. I don't need it 'cause I've already got this lovely globe item.

For your information - this is a well-known piece, and you can find it in the places like stationery stores or some general stores in the States. It comes in a couple of sizes and this one would be the middle size one I guess.

I've been keeping this same thing ever since I was a little child. I bought it somewhere, and I bought it again when I moved or lost it.

I got the first one probably at the stationery store that had a lot of import goods, located at the intersection that had a bank and red telephone booth nearby in Hiroo, if I remember it right. After that I got it again in NY when I was an elementary school girl, 'cause I felt kinda nostalgic at that time! Then I think I got another one around when I came back to Tokyo. 'Cause it'd been on my table around when I debuted.

So that means this should be the fourth one, right?