Thursday, August 16, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I think The Blue Nile sounds best in the nighttime~. What a fabulous music.

Yesterday (the day before yesterday, already) on the taping of Utaban, I was playing The Blue Nile's album "Hats" in the dressing room for the first time in ages while getting my makeup done, and it was simply superb.

I suddenly started laughing in a halfway manner like "Ghh Nfheheheheh" when my fave guitar riff part came on, which made the makeup staff-san worried like "Wh, what happened, Hikaru-chan?"

By the way, The Blue Nile is the band that does some low-keyed, subdued, professionals' fave type of music, so I guess people would just love it or hate it. I should say I can't recommend them to everybody, but I love them very much.

I ran across Ōta-san of Bakusho Mondai when I was waiting for the elevator at the place right next to TBS underground parking! It's been quite a long time(since I last met him once at a radio show taping about 9 years ago), so we didn't notice each other for a while.

We had some chitchats in the elevator, then suddenly Ōta-san asked me "Why did you split up?"

Geez!! What's the point of his asking that question!?(lol) - I thought, but replied him kinda like "Well, for many reasons(lol)" turning a deaf ear on my staff bursting into laughing, then in the meantime we arrived on the destination floor, so we parted giving "See ya~!" to each other.

It was such a short time~. Wish I could've talked him longer, as I was happy to see him after a long while~ (^0^)

The song part taping of Utaban had no audiences this time, which made me feel a little short on fun, but the set was quite gorgeous as always!

And I met (or rather, ran across) aiko-san in the corridor for the first time in quite some time. *

You can see a lot of artists and talents in TV stations, seems like. (Who doesn't know it?)

I've got another TV taping tomorrow! Today I did nothing, being just lazy and relax all day long, so I'm now full of energy for tomorrow's Music Fighter taping~.