Sunday, August 26, 2007

The other side

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I often receive emails telling me that they feel me close to them when they access here right after I upload my new message.

'Cause that let them think "So this one's just been uploaded, she'd still be sitting in front of the computer, just same as I am!"

That's one of mysterious phenomenons on the internet huh. You kinda feel like you're connected to each other, sharing something with each other.


Today I thought of letting you feel "me" on the other side of the computer(internet) visually,

And took a photo of myself using my computer!

My new MacBook's got a camera, and it has a function called PhotoBooth.
It should come in handy when you do things like chatting, but this camera's been hardly used by me. I took a photo by this thing.

That's me on the other side of the internet.

I tried to make my face expression look like the unconscious one I always have when I surf the internet, listen to the music, read fan mails, or do any other things that use the computer. Well I had some consciousness actually, but anyway it turned out to be like this. I often put my hand on my face. On my mouth, chin or cheek.

By the way this PhotoBooth has got various kinds of effects, and many of them are something that would make you think "who the heck will use such a weird effect like this, in what occasion, for what purpose!!? (lol)"

I'm pretty sure every single person who's using the new MacBook would've played around with that thing once at least . . . (lol)