Sunday, August 12, 2007

Utada sa~n

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Utada san! Hello~. I'm Utada~.

It's kinda complicated isn't it!

Lately I've got emails from 2 Utada sans! I feel a big bond with them especially because this is a rare type of surname. Or we could be linked somewhere at some point if we traced the family tree.

Both of them told me that they're interested in their family tree, or rather history these days, but have few clues about it.

Currently there exist twenty-some families with Utada surname across Japan.

Just like those other rare surnames, ours will follow a course of decline and eventually disappear . . . Will it suffer the fate like that . . . ?

My dad says, when he was a little kid his grandma showed him a looooong scroll type of family tree and he was told things like "Make us proud, you are the scion of a high respectable family with a long history."

. . . Hey Zanecchi, where is that family tree~!

It should be somewhere, but seems like he's not sure where it is. I was talking with him like we've gotta find it someday.

Then the other day, dad gave me a mysterious booklet.

Jeez this looks tough ! ! !

徳地(Tokuji) . . . ? I think I've heard of this place name . . .

To be continued