Saturday, August 11, 2007


Hm-hum I see

So you're prone to have red-eye in photos if your eyes pigment is pale!

I got emails from the people who also tend to have red-eye. They say their eyes are brown-ish.

So that's why white people or animals(dogs, cats) tend to get red-eye.

Oh wow.

Anyway, it's a strange thing that when you get old your hair goes white, isn't it? I wonder why the pigments of hair and body hair get decolorized. Has the mechanism of white hair already been figured out? I guess maybe it would be because the protein in charge of creating pigments loses its strength or decreases in number and becomes unable to put out pigments, due to some gene-related matters and such.

Do other pigments get pale as well when you get old? Like eyes' one. Does it remain the same?

Say, when I was around 6 or 7 years old, one part - or rather should I say one wisp - of my hair turned into a color that was some mixture of blonde and white, which made me think "What the heck is this---! It's been two years since I started to go to the school full of white people . . . Does this mean I'm turning white people---??" and put me into a flutter, but it was just I partly got white hair from stress. (- __ - ; )

I got black hair again in the meantime, but I'd look cook just like Black Jack if a wisp of my hair remained white~. That's unfortunate . . . !

But come to think of it, it's a strange phenomenon too that you get white hair from stress. Does it happen because you get out of shape and the protein gets screwed up? Why does the sole specific protein to control pigments, out of all proteins, get influenced . . . ? Or, would it be like white hair is well known because it can be seen? I wonder if too much stress or sense of fear hurts also other parts of the body too bad!

Probably. In many ways, though you can't tell them immediately.

You gotta watch out for the signs from your own body!

I was lucky, as I didn't have alopecia areata(lol)