Sunday, August 26, 2007

My skin

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Most people I meet tell me I've got good skin.

I appreciate it. Hehehe.

Also I often receive many questions telling & asking me "You've got clear skin, how are you taking care of your skin?" from women, when I upload my images here wearing no makeup.

So, here let me show you my skin care items, which I (who don't care much about beauty thingy) have been using since I was in senior high!

. . . Well actually they're just a facial wash, lotion and cleansing milk, which are very common.

I'm just using these super-basic 3 items of Shiseido's Qi (pronounces as "KI") series everyday. Sometimes I don't wash my face though(lol)

They are so common, not assertive but modest, which makes me love them ("KI ni iru" in Japanese) and treat them as my favorite. (Sorry, I thought I pulled this gag with all my brains, but it just turned out another crap)

Matter of fact I've never experienced any skin-trouble-like skin troubles since I was born, so I have no idea if it's because this facial-wash set goes well with my skin or I just got good, silky skin by nature!

Before this one I used the ordinary facial wash of Biore that you can get at convenience stores. What was the lotion I used before? I think I used "Hadasui" or stuff like that.

So, sorry guys, seems like I don't have informative information that much.

But let me say that I can recommend you this Qi! The ordinaryness is what's good about this! I know this is a weird way of recommendation though(lol)

The other day in Aoyama, I ran into this person after a long time who again told me "Oh my, your skin is so young~". I heard that 90 percent of skin-aging reason comes from having sunlight, have you heard about that??

Then there's no wonder my skin in good condition, huh?

Seriously, for the past 10 years I've seldom had sunlight(-_-;)

I've been to Hawaii or Bora Bora for a couple of days, once per 3 years though . . . Even if I think I get tanned very much, it seems like I still look pale and people don't easily believe I've traveled overseas. That happens sometimes(lol)

Where should I go next time I take a vacation and take a trip~? Well once again I think I can hardly wait to visit Machu Picchu ruins in Peru! Seems like Peru also had a big earthquake recently, I wonder if people are doing all right over there.

Japan also has been having a lot of earthquakes lately, that's a little scary isn't it(._.*)